Where can we do teletherapy?

Thanks to PSYPACT (Permit # 17398), an innovative initiative which allows psychologists to see clients across state lines, Dr. Adam Duberstein can work with clients who are located in the states and territories listed below.

Alabama Kansas New Hampshire Utah

Arizona Kentucky New Jersey Vermont (048.0135002TELE)**

Arkansas Maine North Carolina Virginia

Colorado Maryland North Dakota Washington

Connecticut Massachusetts Ohio West Virginia

Delaware Michigan (6301019416) Oklahoma Wisconsin

Florida* (TPPY 2572) Minnesota Pennsylvania Wyoming

Georgia Mississippi Rhode Island Washington, DC

Idaho Missouri South Carolina Northern Mariana Islands

Illinois Nebraska Tennessee South Dakota (effective 7/1/2024)

Indiana Nevada Texas

*To learn more about how my Florida telehealth license works, please visit: https://flhealthsource.gov/telehealth/

**PSYPACT is not yet effective in Vermont.  Instead, I currently hold a telehealth license there which allows me to see clients in that state.